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Confidence is being able to say “Fuck you, I’m the shit” without opening your mouth, say it with your walk, with your smile, say it with your entire being.

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Teen quotes

what if your webcam was on right now and was broadcasting in Times Square

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Even though the price of food is rising, eating healthily while sticking to a budget is not impossible. With a little bit of planning and some useful tips, buying and preparing delicious, healthy food on a budget can be done!
Here’s a huge map/guide on eating healthy and cheap. 
You can honestly eat very cheaply, and healthy if you make your own foods. It’s okay if you’re not completely 100% healthy due to your income, (I know that feeling, being a Uni student and all) but making your own food allows you to learn to cook on your own, experiment with flavour and get a full understanding of the nutritional value of each meal. 
Here’s a list of healthy and inexpensive meals: 
A serve of cereal is quarter a cup of muesli, 2/3 cup of breakfast flakes or 1/2 cup cooked porridge – or roughly 30g:
Rolled oats per 30g = 0.15c
Corn flakes per 30g = 0.40c
Breakfast bar per 30g = 0.60c
Flourless Apple Pie Pancakes
Overnight Oats
Chocolate Overnight Oats with Berries
Chickpea Salad
Baked Sweet Potato Chips
Creamy Chicken Curry
Lemon Sole
Fried Tuna Patties
Eggs in a Bread Bowl
Chicken serving facts:
A serve of chicken is 100g (raw):
Frozen whole chicken per 100g = 0.40c
Raw whole chicken per 100g = 0.40c
BBQ chicken per 100g = 0.55c
Pre-made chicken kebabs per 100g = $1.40
Red Lentil and Quinoa Soup
Easy Fried Rice
Spaghetti, Zucchini, and Meatballs
Seafood Paella
One Pot Chicken and Rice Bowl
Roast Chicken, Potatoes, Green Beans
Peanut Soup
Planning is the secret to healthy eating while sticking to a budget, it’s really not as hard as it seems!
Plan out your meals for the week. This will allow you to think ahead and calculate the cost of each meal/day and see how it fits into your budget. 
Make a shopping list and stick to it. It will also help if you don’t go shopping for food while hungry!
Think hard about why you are buying discretionary foods and how much you really need to buy. This is especially important if you are trying to lose weight, because if you don’t buy it and take it home, it’s much easier to stick to your goals.
Drink water. Don’t spend your money on juice or other sweetened drinks, water is pretty much free if you are able to drink it from a tap, and it has no calories. It’s also fairly cheap, too, if you buy it in bulk. 
Freeze leftovers for other meals or for lunches. Also, use leftovers in different ways.
Buy smaller amounts of lean meat, skinless chicken and fish and extend meals by adding legumes, extra vegetables and grains. By adding extra vegetables to meat dishes, you will also reduce the kilojoules in the dish.
Only buy what you need.
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I hate a “send me a pic” ass nigga, a when I say I’m laying down he say “without me” ass nigga, can’t hold a convo but can talk about sex for hours ass nigga, ain’t tryna take you out but wanna chill ass nigga, “what are you wearing” ass nigga. Sick of these niggas


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